The War and Peace Show – Kent, UK, July 2011

The War and Peace Show, 2011

A group of us attended the War and Peace Show at the Hop Farm in Kent back in 2011. It is a spectacular five-day-long show with a vast array on offer (and we were lucky with the weather!).

The show mainly covers both World War I and World War II, but also includes most wars to the modern day, and there was so much to be taken from the 250 acres on offer.

Among the events on offer were exhibitions, vehicles, displays, battles and stalls selling all kinds of memorabilia.

The WWI exhibitions were probably among the best I’ve seen, they were really well executed. There were specially dug trenches on display which made the whole experience so much more realistic.

I’d say around 50% of the WWII offerings were vehicle led, which was a great spectacle. The vehicles were so well looked after and really conjured up images of how they were used in the war.

The whole five days was what I would call a living history week – the history came to life. During the show we could see how equipment worked, how trenches were made and how those in battle cooked. The battles recreations were awesome too!

I took away the idea of living history from the War and Peace Show. The “hands-on” approach to history is a great source of education for those who perhaps find classroom learning a little less interesting.

I always say: “Learn by having fun, and have fun learning”. We certainly all did that week.

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