Living History Festival: More events announced

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Want to know a little bit more about our upcoming events at the Living History Festival?

Here’s a breakdown of a few talks and events taking place on 2nd & 3rd May.


Learn how to March like a WW2 American GI 12 noon and 2 pm
“The War of the White Death”, talk on Finland’s War 1 pm Saturday
French Resistance and SOE, Behind Enemy Lines. Throughout the 2 days
Infantry Weapons of The WW2 Soldier. Throughout the 2 days
“Point Du Hoc – Rangers Lead the Way”. A talk on the amazing Ranger Raid on D-day. 1 pm Saturday

3 pm Sunday

Waterloo 200 yrs on, why Napoleon Won. 3pm & 5pm Saturday
The Fighting French of WW2. Throughout the 2 days
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