Living History Festival 2015 – what you need to know

may weekend 2 2015With less than two weeks to go until we open our doors for the Living History Festival, in association with the Living History Club, we thought we’d update you on a few of the events that will be going on over the course of the two days.

Join us on May 2nd and 3rd for a spectacular weekend where history will come to life – watch 2000 years of history come alive before your eyes. Witness all this and more:

  • Battle reenactments – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • Blank fire demonstrations – at regular intervals throughout the weekend
  • WWII Vehicles – see how soldiers were transported
  • Materials of War – including artillery pieces, mortars, rifles and machine guns
  • Medieval Archery – Dave Hodson will be demonstrating the art of archery
  • Modern rocketry – build and launch your own rocket (extra costs will be incurred – please enquire for more information)
  • Amateur radio demonstrations – morse code and communication with a worldwide audience
  • Face-painting – guaranteed to put a smile on your face (unless you to paint a frown!)
  • More activities and events TBC

We will be covering a vast range of time periods, so there’s sure to be something that takes your interest over the two days.

  • Romans – Come and meet the soldiers that conquered the known world
  • Vikings at Large –  Meet these raiders from the North-lands, up close and personal
  • Waterloo – Meet the Famous Irish Soldiers of Wellington and the Imperial Guard of Emperor Napoleon
  • American Civil War – See the uniforms and materials from the war that shaped US and Irish involvement
  • Irish War of Independence & 1916 – Learn about this great country’s fight for freedom
  • WWI – Witness what life was like in the trenches, up close and personal
  • WWII – See how life was on the frontline. See the war through the eyes of the young men and women living through it

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have a series of talks given by historian Con O’Sullivan, as well as educational and interactive activities from members of The Military History Club some of which include:

  • Learn how to March like a WW2 American GI. – 12 noon and 2 pm each day.
  • “The War of the White Death” – talk on Finland’s War.
  • Waterloo 200 yrs on – why Napoleon Won.
  • The Fighting French of WW2.
  • French Resistance and SOE, Behind Enemy Lines.
  • Infantry Weapons of The WW2 Soldier
  • “Point Du Hoc – Rangers Lead the Way” – A talk on the amazing Ranger Raid on D-day.

Admission is just €10 for adults and €5 for kids. It’s €25 for a family (2 adults, 2 kids).

For directions and maps, click here.

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